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  Click here to link to MGL 150E Section 12 Reguarding Agency Service Fees  
  Click here to link to 456 CMR 17.00 Agency Service Fee / Labor Relations Commission  
  A member of our Association who elects to receive a rebate of Association dues under the provisions of MGL  
  150E as referenced above is still entitled to the same benifits under the Union Agreement as all others.  
  Said member is paying whats called an Agency Fee under section 5B of our Union Agreement. An Agency  
  Fee is the equivalent of Association dues with the political and religious piece removed per MGL 150E/12.  
  Said member is electing not to support the political and religious efforts of the MTA and NEA. They are still  
  paying all other dues and supporting all other efforts of the MRTA, MTA, and NEA and our active members  
of our Association.
  We are required by law and as professionals to respect a members right to their personal political and religious  
  beliefs. If you require more information, use the links above and read it for yourself.  
It represents a average refund of 10-15% of said dues. The amount varies from year to year.