President & Officers Executive Board Negotiations (PR&R) Building Reps
Paul Cormier Scott Zibel PR&R Chair Scott Zibel (Chair) (Academic) Scott Zibel (B1 up)
Vice President Linda Herbison EDC Chair Jim Brooks (Vocational) Michelle Salvanelli (B1 Down)
Keith McLinden Ryan McMullen Tracie Wright (Vocational) Paula Dediego (B2 up)
Secretary Liz Flanagan Travis Babb (Academic) Liz Flanagan (B2 up)
Elba Guzman Kevin Killay Brad Pelletier (Ancillary) Mark Haschig (B2&B4 Down)
Treasurer Mike Dion Dues for 2016-2017 Paul Cormier (B6)
Lauren Viola Immediate Past President $758 Jim Brooks (B5&7)
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"Protect your future and stay Informed and Involved"

We are all here for the "Kids"
Lets teach the "Kids" by example how to grow up protecting their rights, health, and future.
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Executive Board Meeting Schedule 2016-2017

Members are encouraged to attend

4th Tuesday Every Other Month

September 15th 2016

November 10th 2016

January 12th 2016

March 28th 2017

May 23rd 2017

Meeting Schedule for the 2016-2017 school year

September 27th 2016 (Dues)

April 25th 2017 (Elections)

All members must attend these two meetings.

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