Dues 2014-2015 Dues 2015-2016  
  MTA = $489 MTA = 489  
  NEA = $183 NEA = $185  
Most Asked MRTA Local = $75 MRTA Local = $75 Most Asked
Questions Total Dues = $747 Total Dues = $749 Questions
MRTA By-Laws
MRTA Contracts
Montytech Faculty Guide
MRTA Know Your Rights
Mass. Labor Commission
456 CMR 17 Agency Fee
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Applicable Mass Laws
Building Rep Manual
Presidents Manual
Stip-ends for union jobs
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Retirement Tables
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Teacher Tenure / click here for the law
After serving 3 full years of service in a school district, you are tenured by Mass General law Chapter 71 Section 41
The clock starts once you have an initial license. Note that time as a paraprofessional does not count at all.
For your Professional teacher status and dismissal rights, click here
DOE Summary of arbitration awards for teacher dismissals based on Professional Status
DOE Summary of Judicial decisions
DOE Arbitration Summary
Supervisors Guidelines for Reviewing, Approving, and Endorsing Individual Professional Development Plans
PDP Instruction Manual / PDP Plan Blank Word File / PDP Activity Log
PDP's Required by Trade or Academic Area
Liability Insurance for Educators
NEA Complimentary Life Insurance (formerly known as NEA DUES-TAB)