President Executive Board Negotiations (PR&R) Building Reps
$2,500 yearly Voluntary $275 each Voluntary
Vice President   Only in a  
$2,000 yearly   Negotiations Year  
$ Dues yearly      
$1,700 yearly     Current School Year
    MRTA   2016-2017
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All Stip-Ends for union officers are increased by 3% in a negotiations year.

This was adopted when Lenny Brennen was union president in the 1990's and assures
the pay will keep up with inflation and attract members to the positions.
The President and Vice Presidents duties may be divided between two members. However the pay will be split between the members. All positions except negotiations are taxed and you will receive a W-2 at years end.
Approximately 60% of local dues covers the pay for these stip-end positions. The remaining 40% must be reserved for small expenses such as postage, donations, first year retiree dues, and the remainder for arbitrations.

All Stip-Ends were reset by the membership in the spring of 2014 to the following values

President $1,957 to $2,500

Vice President $1,699.50 to $2,000

Secratary $432.60 to $ Current Dues

Treasurer $600 to $1,700